About us

Fabor started its operations in 1941.

We produce Technical Rubber Products for industrial purposes.

We draw on our vast experience to develop every type of technical rubber products, in close collaboration with our clients:


  • Rubber compounds
  • Moulded rubber components
  • Moulded Polyurethane components
  • Injection moulded rubber components
  • Protective coatings for rollers and metal parts


Fabor has been producing technical rubber products since 1941.

Our MISSION is to produce high-value, innovative, competitive products by relying on our vast technological know-how and our highly qualified, motivated team. We ultimately wish to serve the legitimate interests of our shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers and the general public, in strict compliance with Legal Requirements and our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy.


To always be the first choice of our clients, as a leading company in technical rubber product manufacturing.

To foster the development of our Company Culture by seeking to engage all Employees in Continuous Improvement.
To bring benefits to all stakeholders through management policies that ensure the observance of good Social and Corporate Responsibility Principles


Strength to overcome challenges
Reliability in the observance of all our Principles

Ambition to do always more and better
Positive attitude in good and bad times
Confidence to embrace new projects

Bastion of transparency and sustainability
Reference in corporate leadership

Pride in our tradition and our company
Work, for what we create
Obstinacy in pursuing goals
Boldness, to always go further

Rigorousness in our tasks
Respect for all stakeholders
Responsibility: Social, Ethical and Corporate


Força, para vencer desafios
Fiabilidade no cumprimento de todos os nossos Princípios

Ambição para fazer sempre mais e melhor
Atitude nos bons e nos maus momentos
Arrojo, para desafiar novos projetos

Baluarte de transparência e de sustentabilidade
Bandeira de referência empresarial

Orgulho, pela nossa tradição e pela nossa empresa
Obra, pelo que criamos
Obstinação, no cumprimento dos nossos objetivos
Ousadia, por queremos ir mais além

Rigor no desempenho das nossas tarefas
Respeito por todas as partes interessadas
Responsabilidade Social, Ética e Empresarial

“Your satisfaction is our goal.